The Essential HVAC Tools Guide

Getting professional HVAC training is important in starting your career in this field. However, once you have that part done, you need to start working and there are a few tools that you must have that will allow you to have a great start. It is normal that you could be on a tight budget and can only afford a few of these, this is why this article will highlight for you the seven most important HVAC tools to have.

hvac tools guide

Tape Measure

You will most likely be required to do a lot of measuring in your work whether it is to determine the length of a pipe or to take different measurements at your place of work, this is a must have tool. There are many sizes of tape measures, but so as to be safe yours should be at least 25 feet long. Remember to carry some pencils or markers

Cordless/ Battery Powered Drill

You will always be required to do some drilling when installing or repairing different things around your area of work. It is important to be able to do that with ease. A battery powered drill is perfect especially in a situation that the electric outlet is a bit far and you don’t have an extension cord.

Different Screw Drivers

There will always be some need for a good screwdriver in your work so it is a good Idea to stock up a few of them. Get some good strong ones that won’t fail you after a couple of uses. Screw drivers with insulated handles prevent electrocuation.

An Extension Cord

This is a must have since you may need electrical power for some tasks yet the outlet is a bit far. It needs to be of great quality so as to last long. A good length to go for is about 50 feet as that is adequate to take care of those large distances as well as shorter ones.


These are important for tightening and installing different HVAC connections. There are some sold in sets of different sizes, which are perfect if you are looking for an affordable solution.


As a HVAC professional, you will often have to measure different conditions such as temperature and humidity. This will allow you to know what needs fixing and is the reason why you need the proper tools to measure all that.

Electric Current Testers

You will often need to work with electricity or around it. An electrical tester is therefore important to have so as to know if a certain cord has current or not. It is best to get one that can perform various functions better known as a multimeter and it will save you money.