Walk-In Bathtubs: Therapeutic Benefits of Walk-In Tubs by American Standard

The therapeutic benefits of an Air Spa are combined with an invigorating Whirlpool massage with American Standard’s Walk-In Tub. Constructed of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic for stability and longevity, this tub features a large walk-in door, a low step-over threshold, a built-in chair-height seat, grab bar, and textured floor for added comfort and safety. Deep and spacious, this American Standard walk-in bath provides an accessible, safe and relaxing bathing experience Take advantage of the whirlpool jets with a legs-only massage feature, or the multiple air spa jets with heated blower.

Lets hear what customers have to say:

“I purchased my american standard earlier this year and I’ve been extremely happy with it, it was suggested on the part of my children as a point of safety for me getting in and out of in shower and a tub. Because I love baths this is extremely easy to get in and out as you know it’s a very low threshold very easy with the with the knob to get in and out it is wonderfully soothing. I have arthritis all through my body and it’s incredibly soothing to anybody with arthritis. Well I have the bubbles and the the whirlpool and just soaking is incredible. This past August I had to have a total hip replacement and this came in incredibly useful it saved me probably six hours of painful physical therapy learning how to get into a regular tub because I had thoughtfully put pictures of this on my phone and showed the doctors and nurses exactly what it was so they knew that I did not have to step over anything and one of the great things i just love and this was when i came back from a hospital is the no slip floor. I feel totally safe standing up my name is Joanne and I just like to say I love my walk-in tub.

The tub can drain in less than two minutes, using American Standard’s patent-pending Quick Drain water removal system; this optional feature is available for all walk in tubs. The tub is constructed on a free-standing sturdy metal support frame, and an optional extension kit allows the tub to fit into any existing space up to sixty inches.

Enjoy a comfortable, accessible bathing experience with the Walk-In Tub from American Standard. For more information on Walk-in baths and all the additional components available log onto our website www.americanstandard.com